Gluteal Implants : a PRIVATE Training with Doct. Petit

November 8, 2021

No more position available
Admission fees : 1 400 €

A unique opportunity to attend, observe and also perform YOURSELF the buttocks augmentation with silicone-gel gluteal implants. You will be scrubbed, and will participate in every step of the procedure, along with Doct. Petit.

Gluteal Anatomy for Gluteal implants : a hands-on course [MASTER-CLASS]

January 22, 2022
Paris - FRANCE

18 positions available
Admission fees : 1 600 €

Everything you need to know about buttock anatomy for gluteal implants surgery in this 1-day comprehensive course, with 5 lectures on gluteal implants and 2 private dissection sessions on cadavers.

Gluteal implants Day : a full-training day with 2 live-surgeries + 5 lectures [MASTER-CLASS]

January 24, 2022
Paris — FRANCE

12 positions available
Admission fees : 800 €

A 1-day workshop on gluteal implants surgery, by Doct. Francois Petit, supported by POLYTECH company,
with 1 Gluteal implants surgery and 1 Buttocks/Bodylift with gluteal implants surgery, and 5 lectures.

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