Gluteal Anatomy for Gluteal implants : a hands-on course [MASTER-CLASS]
Paris - FRANCE - 21/01/2023

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This is complete 1-day Course in Paris, dedicated to the surgical anatomy of the buttocks and gluteal implants surgery, presented by Doct. Francois Petit, with 5 lectures on gluteal implants surgery + 2 private cadaveric dissection sessions, to explore all the important landmarks of the gluteal area.

This anatomy course on the gluteal area is highly recommended to surgeons who have no — or little — experience with gluteal implants OR to surgeons who would like to deepen their knowledge of the gluteal implants procedure.


09:00   Welcome

09:10   Why a gluteal anatomy course for gluteal implants surgery ?
09:15   lecture 1Buttock anatomy and gluteal augmentation techniques
10:00   lecture 2 : The sub-muscular technique for gluteal implants

10:30   Cadaveric dissections, session 1 : Gluteal anatomy, as an "open book"

12:30   Lunch break

02:00   Cadaveric dissections, session 2 : The sub-muscular technique for gluteal implants
03:30   lecture 3 : Get ready for your 1st patient

04:00   Coffee break

04:15   lecture 4 : Postop care and outcome
04:30   lecture 5 : Stay away from complications
04:45   Questions & Answers

05:00   End of the course


16 positions available
Admission fees : 1 600 €
​(lunch and coffee-breaks are included)


Chairman: Doct. Francois Petit

Ecole de Chirurgie
10 rue des Fossés Saint-Marcel, Paris 5, FR

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