When you have made your mind up and decided to move forward with your project, please contact Virginie, Secretary/PA:

• par phone : 01 47 07 54 59
• par emaildr.petit@me.com

There is a consent form to fill in, sign and hand to Virginie, Secretary/PA to Dr Petit, prior to treatment.

In accordance with the law, the payment details relating to the costs of your aesthetic project are indicated on the intervention contract. 

Your payment should be addressed to Virginie, Secretary/PA to Dr Petit, prior to treatment. 

If you wish to pay in instalments (maximum 4), please inform the administration office in advance. In any case, a part of the overall cost must be paid, at the very latest, on the day of surgery.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly, you should:

  • book your room at the clinic (if the project is planned there),
  • have any necessary tests done, 
  • visit the anaesthetist (except in the case of a local anaesthetic),
  • purchase medical clothing if requested to do so by Dr Petit. 

If you’re not sure, please refer to the document given to you by Virginie, Secretary/PA to Dr Petit. You will find all the information you need. 

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