Like everything we do in life, an operation is a risk, albeit a small one. During your visit, Dr Petit will inform you of the risks and give you a document on the subject. Every precaution will be taken to give you the highest level of security and the best results.

To avoid unnecessary risks, it is essential to give your surgeon full information on your health and medical treatments, respect postoperative guidelines, follow the doctors’ instructions and attend monitoring visits after the operation. Following these basic rules is the best way to ensure the operation goes smoothly.@

After an operation, you need to rest to recover rapidly. But by taking it easy, you’ll find you can carry on as usual. You’ll be able to walk, go out and take showers, even with the dressings. If a compression garment has been recommended, wear it on a regular basis the first few days and each time you go out. 

Whatever the reason, if you have an urgent question about a medical matter, Dr Petit and his office will do their best to be available at any time of the day or night. Go on the «Contacts» page to get all the info.

In the (very rare) case of a life or death emergency, please contact the local emergency service (SAMU tel: 15), a doctor will answer your questions and make immediate arrangements.  

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