Tariffs for a first visit usually vary between 40€ and 80€ depending on the project, the duration of the consultation and whether there is any defrayal. 

In accordance with the law, consultation tariffs and the prices of main surgical procedures are displayed in Dr Petit’s waiting room.

Since plastic surgery involves several participants, the global cost represents the addition of each participant’s input. The surgeon’s fees usually account for the largest part. To that, you need to add the assistant’s fees, the anaesthetist (unless the anaesthetic is done by the surgeon himself), the costs of the operating theatre, the room (if needed) and the cost of specific materials (prosthesis, injections, laser, etc.).

Each patient is unique and no two cases are the same.

Estimating the cost of your project involves a detailed analysis of your demand plus a morphology analysis of your face or of your body.

Virginie, Secretary/PA to Dr Petit will provide you with an in-depth, non-binding quote at the end of your first visit, with a list of all identified surgery costs. It is a legal obligation. If you decide to commit to your project within 6 months, this quote will be respected - no unpleasant surprises.

If there’s a medical reason for your project, your treatment can be paid by your health insurance. In this case, it is not cosmetic surgery but reconstructive surgery. In some cases, an authorization document will be given to you by the surgeon.

It must be addressed to your health insurance fund after your first visit.
Virginie, Secretary/PA to Dr Petit, will guide you through the procedure to get financial support, when appropriate.

Aesthetic results do not depend directly on the cost of surgery. Fees should be established with tact and measure: if your surgeon has high fees, it might be because of his/her reputation. It is a good sign but it is not a guarantee. 

Moreover, the total cost also depends on the costs of the anaesthetic and/or the clinic: the rental of the operating theatre, the duration of stay, individual room, etc. Surgery is not something we do every day, or even every year. It might be a good idea to spend a little more for extra comfort. 

Nasty surprises are a thing of the past: all expenses are set out in a quote, subject to your agreement, in accordance with the law. You will know in advance the exact cost of your project.

The quote will be given to you by the administrative office and will stay valid for 6 months.

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