Gluteal Implants : a PRIVATE Training with Doct. Petit
Paris, FRANCE - 26/04/2023

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During this 1-day private training, you will perform yourself all the steps of the gluteal implants procedure, under the supervision and with the control and help from Doct. Petit. You will learn how to prepare a safe sub-muscular pocket, through a minimal skin incision. You will introduce yourself the implants and adjust the pocket with the specific gluteal spacers. You will also get the chance to meet with the patient afterwards and assess the result and outcome of your procedure.

You may get in Paris in the morning and get back home late afternoon. Our private taxi will come pick you at the airport / train station and get you to the clinic. The training starts mid-morning, at the clinic. The procedure takes 1 hour, all included. You will be free by mid-afternoon. Docteur Petit will be available to provide technical details and answer questions. Lunch is included.

This private training “hands-in” is highly recommended to surgeons who already have a personal experience with gluteal implants OR to surgeons who previously attended one of the gluteal implant courses provided by Doct. Petit.


— Learn how to make the preop markings, and how to select the right implants
— Oberve the installation of the patient
— Check the table instruments and disposable, and the specific surgical tools for S.M.S.-Doct. Petit's technique
— Assist and participate in the opening of the sub-muscular pocket
— Insert the implant with the specific introducer
— Control the position of the implant
— Learn how to close the opening
— Make the dressing
— Learn the postop recommandations given to the patient
— Check the postop medications
— Discuss the possible postop issues and how to fix them, with Doct. Petit
— Visit the patient before discharge.


No more position available
Admission fees : 1 400 €


Clinique Sainte-Genevieve
29 rue Sarrette - Paris 14

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